Of Special Note

Laura Belmont Presentation on CKI Program WASH

2018-9 CKI President Laura Belmont shares the CKI Project WASH  

Over 50 members strong, our internet-based club is truly an International Kiwanis Club that spans the globe with members from Pacific countries, North America, and Europe.  

You are invited to explore our website to learn more about us.  Club members should log in, you'll find even more stuff!

Chosen as Circle K International's 2018-19 emphasis, this UNICEF project brings attention to the impact of not having safely managed sanitation and safe drinking water.

The presentation shown above was done by CKI President Laura Belmont at our November Member meeting. She is a compelling speaker, and this project is a compelling project. One which the Board of Directors think should be supported by the members of the Centennial eKiwanis club!